Jumaat, Ogos 07, 2009


Queen of my heart,
You treat me like a rose,
You give me room to grow,
You're shone the light of love on me,
You gave me air so i can breath,
You open door i close,
In the world where anything goes,
You give me strenght so i stand tall,
Within this bad of earth,
Just like a rose...

You treat me like rose,
You're always behind me whatever i go,
No one will replace your place,
Even though a king comes from outer space,
You never force me to do something,
But just remind me to think,
What is my mission?
Is it to cross on ocean?
But... deeply in your heart,
I know you want me to study hard,
I guest you want me to be smart,
I promise that dreams will be come true, (insyaAllah)
As i don't want to be a fool...

I want you all to believe,
That someday we are going to leave,
To travel in a long journey,
To attend a special court where everyone will see,
What they have done in the past,
Is it a sin... it's a good deed??
Then we'll receive our payment,
Either a heaven or we are going to be burnt...

Salam... (n__n)

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